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The Perfect Pet Loss Gifts

Pet Perennials is healing hearts and our land, one product at a time!  Pet Perennials offers one-of-a kind, eco-friendly pet loss products that promote healing through an activity, create new life with flowers, and are helpful for the environment. 

The original Pet Perennials product is offered in two options, a "Custom" handcrafted product OR in our "Make-it-Yourself " Pet Perennials Kit for the do it yourselfers out there!  This patent pending product helps to establish a living, flower memorial in remembrance of a pet.                                          

Pet Perennials uses pet safe, "purposefully pollinating" wildflower seeds to form seed wafers. The seed wafers can be sown in gardens, flower pots, and window boxes creating a rainbow of blooms that can be enjoyed every season while attracting honey bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.  A small portion of a pet's cremated ashes can be added into the mixture if desired to truly make it one-of-a kind. Simple to make & easy to growView full product details here.

Give a gift that heals the heart, creates new life, and helps the environment! Our no hassle, Bereavement Bundles include a gift and a handwritten sympathy card that is shipped directly to a recipient on your behalf - SHOP NOW.

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Pet Lovers Adore Us

  • "When we lost our dog Morgan we received flowers, gifts, and cards from friends and family to show support and it all helped, but I didn’t get the comfort or peace from those gifts as I did with Pet Perennials. The act of making the seed wafers and planting them was very peaceful. I even purchased some more of the MiY Pet Perennials Kits for family and friends that were going through a similar grieving process.”

    Sharon, Wexford PA

  • "My daughter lost two of her dogs in a tragic accident so I bought her two of these kits. She loves them, great way to memorialize your beloved pet."

    Nancy, Montgomery TX

  • "As a veterinary professional, we take our obligation of taking care of animals as well as their human family very seriously. Losing a furry family member is a traumatic loss felt by the family as well as the care giving staff who also feels the sadness of loss. We are continually searching for ways to help our clients (who we consider our family) to honor their pets and allow the mourning process a healthy course.  We have found that Pet Perennials provides a beautiful healing exercise for every age group dealing with the loss of a pet. Regardless if a private cremation is chosen for the pet or not.... We provide the seed cutouts in the beautiful bags for our clients to prepare the living memorial to their pet. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful gift of healing!"

    Annette Filipone, Nashboro Animal Hospital

  • "Since I am groomer it is important to me to let my clients know that I care when their pet passes away.I used to order flowers from the local florist; now I give them a MiY Pet Perennials Kit.The kits show my customer that I really care and cost less than half of what I used to spend at the florist."

    Angela, Muddy Paws Grooming Salon

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our mission is to help people gently move from mourning the loss of a beloved pet to celebrating their life with eco-friendly, living solutions.

Our vision is to be a recognized and respected manufacturer of compassionate, creative, and convenient memorial products that celebrate pets while serving our customers with the highest level of integrity.

Our Products

How It Works

Step 1

Set up your workspace with all of your materials: a MiY Pet Perennials Kit and your beloved pet's cremated ashes (optional).

Step 2

Using the kit instructions combine the planting matrix, flower seeds and cremated ashes (optional) and cut out the seed wafer shapes.

Step 3

After the seed wafers have completely dried, the wafers can be planted.  Simply place the seed wafers on top of the soil in a sunny spot and water.

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