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Giving Back

Cherished Ones, the company behind Pet Perennials has a philosophy called “keep giving” because our products keep giving new life!  We live up to this philosophy by giving back to animal charities in the following ways:

  • Offering a Referral Program for non profit organizations, such as animal welfare to earn referral fees for any customer that orders a Pet Perennials custom product or MiY Pet Perennials Kit from our online store using that non profit's unique referral code. 
  • Donating our products for organizations to use as fundraising give-aways and gift baskets. 

Our customers and partners can feel confident that through the purchase of Pet Perennials products that they are contributing to pet organizations that need their support. Thank You!

Cherished Ones commits to donating a free order of Pet Perennials seed wafers to the police department or handler of every fallen K-9 Officer and Service Dog nationwide.  If you are a member of the K-Unit for your police department or military branch please contact us to find out how to honor a fallen officer at out toll free number 1-855-573-3887.

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The List 01-Jun-2016

Pet Perennials has been featured on TheList!

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