Inspired by their personal experiences with love and loss, Co-founders Remy Bibaud and Lori Davidson formed Cherished Ones in 2014.  The company is comprised of thoughtful leaders, employees, and partners who help design creative products to celebrate the lives of cherished pets.  Its eco-friendly gifts help to heal both the heart and the land that we live in. 

Cherished Ones strives to be environmentally responsible by using bio-degradable and/or recycled materials in the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of its products whenever possible.  

Cherished ones signature pet brand is Pet Perennials, aptly named after it's original, patented product called the Pet Perennials Kit. The Pet Perennials brand has several products in its sympathy gift line.  These one-of-a-kind products are available for  consumers on the Pet Perennials website and other marketplaces. Businesses can also purchase Pet Perennials products through wholesale-direct pricing and/or become a member to leverage the convenient Gift Package Service model.    

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Address: P.O. Box 8034 Pittsburgh, PA 15216


 Phone: 1-855-573-3887

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