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When you invent an eco-friendly and unique memorial crafting product that has never been available before, it draws the attention of pet lovers far and wide. The product/s in this catalogue are available for sale to Consumers n the United Kingdom and Canada currently.

Wholesale partners such as pet retailers, veterinarians, groomers, & daycare/boarding providers in Canada & the United Kingdom please send an email to A sales person will be able to help you with wholesale pricing and shipping information

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  • Pet Perennials Kit & Sympahty Card Package (International)


    • Sympathy Card Design
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    Pet Perennials Kit & Sympahty Card Package (International)Pet Perennials Kit & Sympahty Card Package (International)

    The total cost of the Pet Perennials Kit Sympathy Package is $21.99.  International shipping fees for the country that the order is shipping to will be added at check out.

    The bundle includes one Pet Perennials Kit, a sympathy card that can be personalized with your message (handwritten on the card), and gift wrapped. Type your customized message to your friend or family member in the special instructions field.

    The Pet Perennials Kit is an easy gardening craft that the whole family can do together. The result of the craft are heart and paw shaped seed wafers that can be planted to grow perennial flowers in memory of a pet. The seed wafers only need water, sunshine and love to grow. The colorful wild flowers that grow are eco-friendly and attract honey bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. A small portion of a pet's cremated remains can be included while making the seed wafers if desired. 

    The Pet Perennials Kit includes:

    • Easy to follow step by step instructions for making and growing
    • Nutrient rich soil matrix (already prepared)
    • Perennial wildflower seeds that are pet safe and grow in all North American planting zones
    • Crafting tools
    • A convenient, re-usable storage container

    For Horse Lovers - horse and heart shaped cutters replace the paw and heart shaped cutters yielding seed wafers in the shapes of horses and hearts. Be sure to select the horse card when ordering a package for someone.

    The "Pollinator" wildflower seed mix includes 16 different species of wildflower seeds that can grow in all regions of North America. The seed list includes: Partridge Pea, Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Cosmos Sensation Mix, Purple Coneflower, California Poppy, Blanket Flower, Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower, Meadow Foam, Dwarf Lupine Pixie Delight Mix, Perennial Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Bee Balm/Wild Bergamot, Lacy Phacelia, Mexican Hat, Crimson Clover.

    The craft will yield approximately 12 seed wafers. Once the seed wafers have been planted, "germination" will occur within a few short weeks. Annual flowers will begin to bloom around 5 to 7 weeks. The perennial seeds have to "winter" in order to bloom and this can take up to a season or two, then they will return year after year. To learn more visit our Product Details Page.




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