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Please feel free to peruse the information and materials on our resources page.  We like to share information that is both interesting and supports our mission of helping our customers to move from mourning the loss of a beloved pet to celebrating their life.   In addition you will find timely and helpful links concerning all things pets!

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Helpful Resources

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement     An association of pet loss counselors and professionals. The site offers links, articles, a bookstore, and directories of counselors and pet loss support groups.

American Veterinary Medical Association    A plethora of information related to the veterinary medicine.    A site where you can register a missing pet, along with useful tips for finding a lost pet.

Hoofbeats in Heaven    A site dedicated to resources on "horse loss support", including an e-mail support group

Rainbow Bridge Movie    A short, sweet "movie" version of the Rainbow Bridge story       

American Association of Housecall Veterinarians

Equine Protection Network     A guide to facilities that handle burials or cremations for horses.

Canine Caregivers for Dementia and Alzheimer's ™ Patients:

PACT for Animals    PACT gives peace of mind to children and adults in medical care, as well as veterans and military personnel, by providing temporary foster care for their beloved pets until they can be reunited.

Expertise - Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners This home safety guide covers everything from common household dangers to pet proofing your house to medicines/chemicals.

Physical Therapy Resource for Pets Physical Therapy for Pets


Expert's Corner Archives

Volume 1, Reverend Marjorie Rivera, "Celebrating Mothers and Fathers in Spirit

Contact Information for Reverend Rivera:

EC Vol1 EC Vol1 (99 KB)


EC Vol1 EC Vol1 (4350 KB)



Volume 2, Elizabeth Pavone, "Pet Loss, Grief and Talking to Children"

EC Vol2 EC Vol2 (3694 KB)

EC Vol2 EC Vol2 (142 KB)


Volume 3, Peggy Hoyt, "Including Pets in Estate Planning"

Contact Information for Peggy Hoyt:

EC Vol3 Peggy Hoyt EC Vol3 Peggy Hoyt (21774 KB)


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