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A one-of-a kind, eco-friendly memorial craft that creates new life from the love of a pet         


Pet Perennials are offered in two options, our "custom" handcrafted product and our Make-it-Yourself kit called MiY Pet Perennials Kit.   Both products combine a nutrient rich planting matrix and flower seeds in order to form seed wafers.  Pet Perennials seed wafers can be sown in gardens, flower beds, and pots to be enjoyed year after year. A small portion of a pet's cremated remains can be added into the mixture to truly make it one-of-a kind.

Did your beloved pet pass some time ago?  Do you have their cremated remains in your home and wondered what to do with them... Pet Perennials provides a beautiful alternative to create new life from the love of your pet.  More about the product...



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"...if we love our pets like we love our children, then we have a responsibility to make sure that if something happens to us, there is a plan for what will happen to them."
~ Peggy Hoyt J.D., M.B.A., B.C.S


The Fetch Guide on "How to Care for Your Aging Pet - Before & After The Rainbow Bridge"

Friday, June 24, 2016

Pet Perennials welcomes Barry Nyhan of FETCH as this month's guest blogger. FETCH is a new company that will launch in August of this year. (Company overview and offerings listed below.) Thanks to Barry for reminding us of the unique care needs of our senior pets, as well as reminding us of Pet Perennials' role in honoring our beloved pets when they've crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Email for inquiries regarding their company's offerings or visit

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 Phone: 1-855-573-3887

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